A Bed is a Boat

The exhibition A Bed is a Boat consists of three elements — blue and black woolen quilted textiles, wall-sized line drawings, made with a brush and based on those of young children, and excerpts from poetry and folk lullabys.

As an installation, A Bed is a Boat is an indivisible whole in which the quilts moor and interact with enlarged wall drawings and poems. The work blurs the boundary between wakefulness and sleep, the passage between conscious and unconscious. The installation creates a place where meanings are uncertain — where a boat can be a moon or a bed, a cradle or a grave. more

Read Peter White, "Between a Rescuing Coast and a Drifting Boat," in A Bed is a Boat, An installation of quilts and drawings by Barbara Todd. Cambridge, Ont., The Library & Gallery, 1997.

Read Nancy Tousley, "Rewind: Barbara Todd: Dream Boats," Canadian Art 15/3 (Fall, 1998): 88.

See Textile Museum of Canada’s website for exhibition description and photos